Short Course Electrical Competency Assessment (ECA)

The Electrical Competency Assessment (ECA) is a commercial TasTAFE course and a non-accredited training product.
The training product is for candidates:

  • who have let their Tasmanian Electrical Practitioner’s Licence lapse in excess of 3 years
  • who have completed Gap Training for ECA
  • who is an overseas trained electrical technician

 Course Dates

  • A candidate can enrol at any time. A workbook is then made available to the candidate for home study
  • The candidate has access via phone and email to an Electrotechnology teacher for study advice and assistance
  • After the candidate has completed the workbook, a four day block of training is undertaken
  • Training blocks are scheduled through the year at the three TasTAFE  Electrotechnology facilities at Hobart, Alanvale and Burnie
  • Contact TasTAFE on 1300 655 307 for scheduling details


The candidate would normally be recommended to TasTAFE by Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) who issue the Electrical Practitioners Licence in Tasmania


2018:  $848 per person


The training block includes skills and knowledge assessments
This training product is part of the process to gain an Electrical Practitioner’s Licence  for the above candidates



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