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SIT40216 Certificate IV in Guiding (Adventure Tour Guide)

This is a course for existing adventure tour guides who wish to upskill their outdoor leadership knowledge and skills in order to work in more challenging outdoor environments requiring advanced skills. These environments include guiding groups in the mountains in winter, expedition sea kayaking and mountain-biking on more difficult trails.

All students will complete an advanced Bushwalking skill set focussing on leading groups on multi-day walks into the mountains in snow conditions. In addition, they will train in the skills of off-track navigation, crossing flooded creeks and rivers and search and rescue (unassisted and assisted). Students will then select one other advanced skill set in either Sea kayaking (sheltered waters) or Mountain-biking (intermediate trails).

This is not an entry level course. Applicants will need to have attained the SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding (Adventure Tour Guide), and to have worked as an adventure tour guide for a minimum of one season.

Career Opportunities

A tour guide working on one or more of the following types of adventure tours:

  • Multi-day bushwalking tours in the mountains in winter
  • Multi-day sea kayaking tours in sheltered coastal waters
  • Mountain biking tours on intermediate trails

Track ranger with the Tasmanian Parks & wildlife Service

Location, dates and times

Hobart, Drysdale Campus

  • Next Intake: 1 July 2020 – 21 October 2020
  • Duration: 14 Weeks, 4 days per week, Tuesday to Friday

Information Sessions:

Drysdale Hobart Thursday, 23 January 2020, 11am to 12pm
Restaurant, Drysdale, 59 Collins Street, Hobart
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Drysdale Hobart Thursday, 23 January 2020, 1pm to 2pm
Restaurant, Drysdale, 59 Collins Street, Hobart
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Drysdale Hobart Thursday, 23 January 2020, 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Restaurant, Drysdale, 59 Collins Street, Hobart
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Learning Options

This course is delivered on campus in Hobart and at field sites around Tasmania. It includes day and multi-day excursions to a range of national parks and reserves. Transport to and from field sites is provided.   Field training sites may include:

  • Central Plateau
  • Walls of Jerusalem N.P.
  • South West N.P. (Frenchmans Cap track)
  • Cradle Mt Lake St Clair N.P.
  • Coastal waters on Tasmania’s east coast
  • kunanyi/Mt. Wellington mountain-bike trails
  • Kellevie MTB Park
  • Blue Derby MTB trails

Assessment Process

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge. They allow us to confirm you can perform to the standard required in the workplace, to meet all of the requirements of the course.

Examples of assessments for this course will include:

  • verbal and written questions
  • projects
  • demonstration of knowledge and skills in practical exercises
  • demonstration of knowledge and skills in scenarios and simulations

Recognition of Prior Learning

It makes sense that you should be recognised for the things you already know how to do. TasTAFE can assess your skills and knowledge based on your previous education, work history or life experience. This may help you gain your qualification a whole lot faster.

For further details please refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning page.

Fees and Payments

For further fee and payment information visit our Fees and Payment page.

What will I need to bring?

  • Warm and waterproof clothing including thermals, warm mid-layers and windproof outer layer
  • Full-length breathable-waterproof coat with a hood
  • Large capacity back-pack suitable for multi-day bushwalking
  • Sturdy walking boots
  • Light-weight tent (4 season) and fuel stove
  • Sleeping bag and mat (4 season)
  • Sunscreen, sun-hat and sunglasses
  • Head-torch
  • Compass
  • Water-bottle/bladder
  • Personal first aid

Drysdale TasTAFE will provide sea kayaks and mountain bikes, communications and emergency equipment, group first aid kits, buses and trailers.

Are there any ‘other’ costs?


Essential Requirements

A level of physical fitness required to undertake multi-day bushwalking in steep, challenging terrain including snow; riding mountain bikes on steep, challenging terrain for a full day, or paddling sea kayaks in sheltered coastal waters over multiple days.
Have attained a SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding (Adventure Tour Guide) consisting of Wilderness First Aid, Bushwalking guide on track and either sea kayaking guide on enclosed waters, or mountain biking guide on easy trails.
Have worked as an adventure tour guide for a minimum of one season.

Career Conversation

A career conversation is an important step in the entry process. It will determine if this is the right course for you.

Student Support

TasTAFE’s enrolment and orientation process provides information about our resources, services and support. Further details relating to Student Support Services are available at our Student Support Services page.


  • SIT40216 Certificate IV in Guiding
  • Outdoor Recreation Skill Sets in Bushwalking (difficult tracked environments) and either Sea Kayaking (sheltered coastal waters) or Mountain biking (intermediate trails).

Qualification Requirements

To successfully complete the SIT40216 Certificate IV in Guiding you need to attain 8 units of competence (in addition to those in the  SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding)

To successfully complete the Outdoor Recreation Skill Sets for Bushwalking, Sea Kayaking or Mountain Biking, you will need to attain the following units:

Bushwalking Guide

  • SISOBWG302A  Apply intermediate bushwalking skills
  • SISOBWG404A  Apply river crossing skills
  • SISOBWG405A  Guide intermediate bushwalks
  • SISONAV302A   Apply navigation skills in an intermediate environment

Mountain-bike Guide

  • SISOMBK201A   Demonstrate basic off-road cycling skills
  • SISOMBK302A   Apply advanced off-road cycling skills
  • SISOMBK303A   Guide off-road cycle tours


Sea Kayak Guide

  • SISOKYS302A     Demonstrate sea kayaking skills
  • SISOKYS303A     Guide sea kayaking trips in easy to moderate conditions
  • SISOKYS406A     Plan and navigate a sea kayaking inshore passage
  • SISOOPS303A    Interpret weather for marine environments


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