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CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media


This nationally recognised course introduces students to a wide range of foundation skills & knowledge. It focuses on digital video content creation for the web and is an ideal foundation for those students looking to become a videographer, or wanting to enter the television or film industry with further study and experience.

This course delivers skills and knowledge across the following topics:

  • Content development
  • Basic camera skills
  • Video asset organisation
  • Simple vision and sound editing
  • Basic but essential lighting skills
  • Using social media for engaging with audience and collaborators
  • Organising content for publication

Career Opportunities

This course may lead to the following career opportunities:

  • Entry-level web content creators working under supervision
  • Entry-level multimedia content creator working under supervision
  • Multimedia production assistant working under supervision
  • Supplementing existing job role with basic knowledge of video content creation, digital media and emerging technology

Study Pathways

This course may be a pathway to further study. Related courses include:

Locations, dates and times


  • Next Intake:  4 February 2020
  • Duration:  Online contact time, Monday and Tuesday
  • Call 1300 655 307 to express your interest

Learning Options

The course is delivered as a full-time online program with the expectation that students spend at least 15 hrs a week studying.

Within this online environment, participants are offered flexible delivery using a combination of structured gradual skills-building learning tasks, supported by tutorials, forums, Skype screen-sharing and in-house developed demonstration videos.

Assessment Process

Assessments are designed to help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge. They allow us to confirm you can perform to the standard required in the workplace, to meet all of the requirements of the course.

Examples of assessments for this course may include;

  • Written short answer
  • Complete Workplace Documents
  • Written assignments
  • Quizzes/multiple choice
  • Research projects
  • Observations in a simulated assessment environment
  • Tests
  • Practical projects

Recognition of Prior Learning

It makes sense that you should be recognised for the things you already know how to do. TasTAFE can assess your skills and knowledge based on your previous education, work history or life experience. This may help you gain your qualification a whole lot faster.

For further details please refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning page.

Fees and Payments

For further fee and payment information visit our Fees and Payment page.

What will I need to bring?

Hardware / Software requirements for CUA31015 Online

You will need to provide your own software and hardware.

  1. Windows or Macintosh
  2. Our on-campus students have been using Windows 64-bit PCs with i7 CPU, 8 GB ram, 1GB video card, SSD primary drive, 1TB secondary drive, twin 21” monitors. This system is ideal for this course.
  3. Camera; mirrorless or DSLR (with full-HD video recommended) or newer smartphones can be used but only if they offer comparable quality to traditional entry-level DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. Contact your teacher if you’re unsure what to buy/use.
  4. Reliable Internet access – Broadband, 4Gb per month recommended
  5. A short and appropriately named email address (Gmail recommended).
  6. Latest web browser – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE
  7. VLC player for watching videos (mac or PC available)
  8. MS Office or equivalent (Office 365, Google Drive, Star Office, Open Office or Libre Office)

For Editing and file encoding

Adobe CC 2017/18 Suite Student / Teacher (mac or Windows)


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • …and several others that aren’t required to complete the Certificate III

If students wish to purchase Adobe apps student versions are available at a greatly reduced cost.   Do an online search for Adobe CC student software in Australia for more information on where to buy.   RRP is around $285AUD for a 12-month license or pay by the month.
Note:   License fees almost double after 12 months.

Premiere Pro with media encoder is recommended software. There are free versions of editing software available to download.   However, tutorials will be given using Premiere Pro.

Alternative editing software – Final Cut Pro X
This software has the functions needed for the course but has a different intuitive layout.
It is $499
(there are earlier versions of Final Cut pro that may be ‘lying around’ like FCP 7 that would be sufficient)
Note – tutorials will be given using Premiere Pro.

Free editing software
Da Vinci Resolve, Shot Cut, Lightworks, Hit Film express, Avid ( free version)

On-campus computer hardware, software, Internet
Students participating in online classes are welcome to use TasTAFE on-campus computing facilities at any time during regular hours of operation if spaces are available. For 2017 the “DigiLabs” in Hobart, Burnie & Launceston TasTAFE Libraries feature workstations equipped with Makerbot Replicator 3D printers and HTC Vive VR systems.

Library Access
Our Alanvale library houses an extensive and contemporary collection of texts and journals related to Web Design, 3D modelling & Graphic Design.
As a TasTAFE off-campus student, you may reserve any text for inter-library loan from any of the seven libraries state-wide

Are there ‘other’ costs?

Access to the internet is required.

Essential Requirements

There are no essential requirements for this course.

Desirable Skills and Attributes

The following skills and attributes will be useful to students studying this course:

  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • Basic computing skills are expected such as saving files from a wide range of sources
  • Capturing audio, video, accessing/managing email, installing downloaded software
  • Extracting and compressing files using the .zip format
  • Word processing & file management (copying/naming files/folders)
  • Copying and pasting text / URLs
  • Accessing online file storage tools (e.g. Google Drive)


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Student Support

TasTAFE’s enrolment and orientation process provides information about our resources, services and support. Further details relating to Student Support Services are available at our Student Support Services page.


CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media

Qualification Requirements

To achieve a CUA31015 Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Video), 11 units must be successfully completed.  These include eight core units and three electives.

Electives are selected based on industry and/or employer consultation.


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