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Vocational Preparation’s Youth Programs are designed for post-year 10 learners aged 16-19 who are ready to gain the skills to pursue their career goals.

The programs are designed to:

  • Build students’ self-esteem, self-confidence & personal sustainability;
  • Build students’ employability skills including communication, teamwork, planning, organising, self-management and use of technology
  • Build students’ vocational learning, reading, writing and calculation skills
  • Support students to develop and implement plans for further education and employment
  • Support students to access meaningful employment or further education

The programs offer a friendly and comfortable learning environment, where providing positive and ongoing support for all students’ learning needs is a priority. As part of their learning, students are encouraged to develop a responsible and mature approach toward their goals for the future and toward becoming independent. There is a strong focus throughout the course on building motivation, enterprise and engagement (in learning and life in general).

The recruitment process for the Youth programs is that students are usually referred from other programs or support workers in TasTAFE and the Department of Education and also from other youth services. Students may also self-refer.

The referring agency, student or parent/guardian contact Youth Programs staff to find out more about the courses available. If a student feels the course will meet their needs, an interview is scheduled. This enables teachers to provide individuals with detailed course information and ascertain which program and qualification will best suit the potential student’s needs.

Career Opportunities

The pathways learners will follow will differ according to each learner’s individual circumstances. The following pathways are achievable through study in this course:

  • Full time/part time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Further foundations or vocational training at Certificates I or II

Dates and Times

Project Booyah is designed to re-engage young people back into education and/or create pathways into employment. The program provides intensive support to young people with the aims of developing life and employability skills, improving physical, social and emotional health and identifying vocational/employment goals.

Project Booyah incorporates vocational engagement in local community projects, functional literacy/ numeracy support and skill development, adventure-based learning, mentoring and individual support plans.

Support:  Participants are supported by a PCYC Police Officer, TasTAFE teachers, an Adventure/Work Skills Officer and a Save the Children Youth Worker



Qualification Requirements

FSK10113 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
To be awarded the Certificate I in Access to Vocation Pathways, competency must be achieved in all 7 specified core units plus 4 elective units.


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