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MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways

MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways is intended for people interested in exposure to an engineering or related working environment, for example Boilermaking, Welding, Fitting, Machining, Sheetmetal and Engineering.

Career Opportunities

This qualification delivers broad-based underpinning skills and knowledge in a range of engineering and manufacturing tasks which enhance the graduates’ entry level employment prospects for apprenticeships, traineeships or general employment in an engineering – related workplace.

Dates and Times

Bender Drive Campus

  • Next Intake:  28 August 2017
  • Information Session:  Friday, 4 August 2017 at 10am
    • Venue:  Bender Drive, 8 Bender Drive, Derwent Park
  • Contact us on 1300 655 307 to express your interest

Alanvale Campus

  • Next Intake:   2018
  • Information Session:  Friday, 24 November 2017- 10am
    • Venue:  E Block, Alanvale Campus, Alanvale Road, Newnham
  • Contact us on 1300 655 307 to express your interest

George Town Trade Training Centre

  • Introduction to Welding Skill Set  (TASMSS0036)
  • Next Intake:  Rolling Intake
  • Duration:  6 weeks, 2 days per week
  • Contact us on 1300 655 307 to express your interest

Devonport Campus

  • Next Intake:  2018
  • Contact us on 1300 655 307 to express your interest

Learning Options

The learning program should develop trade-like skills.  As an example, it is about being introduced to welding, how it can be used to join metal and having the opportunity to weld some metal together.  Similarly, with machining, the focus should be on using engineering tools and equipment to produce or modify objects.


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Resources and Equipment

Student Requirements:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Combination overalls, Steel capped boots, Safety glasses (clear), Welding equipment:  Welding helmet, Welding gloves & Oxy acetylene goggles/shield
  2. Mechanical Aptitude:  Students are required to complete a written suitability test
  3. Basic literacy and numeracy
  4. Prescribed Stationery

Fees and Payments

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Qualification Requirements

This qualification comprises 4 core units and 8 elective units.

Work Placement
MSAPC1101A Adapt to work in industry is a unit of competency that provides the opportunity for work placement.


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