Give your automotive sales career a boost in the right direction and get the training you need to become qualified in Automotive Sales and work as a sales or spare parts interpreter across a wide range of industry areas.

This national recognised qualification will prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need as a new employee entering the automotive sales industry, and is also ideal if you are an existing worker looking to further develop your skills or gain formal recognition for the work you already do undertaking sales-related or spare parts interpreting tasks in the automotive service and repair sector.

In this course, you will learn how to respond to customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplace and provide a high-level customer service.

You’ll learn how to resolve routine problems in an automotive workplace and maintain a positive business image in the highly competitive automotive industry. You’ll also learn how to follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace, process customer complaints, and market and sell automotive products and services, as well as how to promote automotive products and services and conduct online transactions, and comply with legal requirements when selling automotive products and services. As part of this course, you will also focus on developing your skills and knowledge in parts interpreting, by learning how to carry out warehousing procedures in an automotive workplace, identifying and matching uncommon automotive parts, and selecting and supplying automotive parts and products, as well as developing your product knowledge and learning how to pick and process orders and control stock.

On successful completion of this course, you will have the skills you need to perform key sales and parts interpretation roles across a wide range of industries, including automotive vehicles, farm, marine and mobile plant machinery sales and retail.

This course can also set you on the path to further opportunities in more technical, mechanical and specialised diagnostic, servicing, repair and maintenance roles. So, if you are looking to continue your training at TasTAFE in Automotive Technology, there are plenty of related qualifications, including Automotive Electrical Technology, Outdoor Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Light or Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology or Mobile Plant Technology.

This course is also available as an Australian Apprenticeship.

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Career opportunities

  • Automotive Sales Person (Spare Parts Interpreting)

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Career opportunities

  • Automotive Sales Person (Spare Parts Interpreting)