Corporate information

Establishment of TasTAFE

The passage of the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013 created a new single entity public VET provider in Tasmania, TasTAFE.

The Board of Directors of TasTAFE has made the following By-Laws under section 85 of the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013.

The emphasis is on TasTAFE being built on what has been learnt from the Tasmania Tomorrow experience; retaining the dual-focus of increasing participation and attainment for students and ensuring work readiness and productivity for employees, employers and the broader community.

The Training and Workforce Development Bill tasks the TasTAFE Board with the development of a Corporate Plan that will enable public VET provision through the development of a new contemporary organisation within a different operating environment.

TasTAFE’s first Corporate Plan was lodged with the Minister for Education and Skills on 31 May 2014.

CEO contact details

The Chief Executive Officer, TasTAFE

GPO Box 2015, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 1300 655 307