Corporate information

Formed in 2013, TasTAFE is the largest public provider of vocational education and training in Tasmania.

Owned by the Tasmanian Government, TasTAFE operates as a statutory authority under the auspices of its own legislative functions and powers and is governed by an independent Statutory Board which reports to the Minister for Education and Training.

The Board of Directors of TasTAFE has made the following By-Laws under Section 85 of the Training and Workforce Development Act 2013.

Reports and publications

View TasTAFE’s Annual Report and current Corporate Plan which outlines TasTAFE’s purpose, vision and goals, together with key strategies that place students firmly at the centre of all our operations…

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Right to information (RTI)

Find out about the operation of RTI in TasTAFE and our Disclosure log…

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Public gift register

TasTAFE staff do not expect to receive gifts, benefits or hospitality for doing a job they are paid by the public to do. A simple “thanks” is enough…

Read more about our public gift register

Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations

We take our responsibility for meeting our duty of care obligations for ensuring the health and safety of workers and all other persons at TasTAFE very seriously…

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Public interest disclosures

View information on Public Interest Disclosures, and how they apply to all State Service officers and employees, including staff working at TasTAFE…

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Confidentiality of Government contracts

View information on confidentiality of Government contracts and Contracts with Confidentiality Provisions…

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CEO contact details

The Chief Executive Officer, TasTAFE
GPO Box 2015, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 03 6165 5671