Great Chefs Series

Great Chefs Series

Be part of a high quality culinary experience with internationally recognised chefs, partnering with TasTAFE Drysdale in Launceston.TasTAFE-Drysdale

Throughout the months of April, May, June, July, September and October, TasTAFE Drysdale presents the ‘Great Chefs Series’ in Launceston.

The Great Chefs Series is an opportunity for some of the most influential culinary minds in Australia to collaborate with some of the up and coming talent within the Tasmanian hospitality industry.

TasTAFE Drysdale students across Events, Tourism, Hospitality and Commercial Cookery programs in Launceston will deliver an educational experience that will culminate with the ‘Great Chefs’ and Commercial Cookery Apprentices delivering a premium culinary event, showcasing Tasmanian Vocational Education and Training with premium produce in the form of a six course degustation.

Each of the six courses is complemented with a wine from one of Tasmania’s world class wineries, and is a culinary journey unique to the experiences, flavours and techniques that have shaped each of the ‘Great Chefs’, in imparting their pursuit and passion for cuisine to the next generation in the kitchen.

We look forward to welcoming you to TasTAFE Drysdale and introducing you to the ‘Great Chefs’!